Ghost Whisperer

If you are a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, then this TV series is just for you. It follows the life of Melinda Gordon,a antique owner who can see spirits ever since she was a little girl. This gift has been passed down from generation to generation and she uses her gift to help people move on and into the light.

With her husband by her side, Melinda can conquer anything, including the spirits who scare her and want to put her life in danger. She truly believes that she can change the world one ghost at a time. Will the world of the dead over power the world of the living? Or can Melinda come to terms with her life and change the world?

I absolutely love this series. It makes you realise that you are only human and that the weight of the world can’t be on your shoulders. Melinda shows us how to love, be friendly and be amazing to people no matter what.

Some episodes were a bit spooky and others were extremely sad(Like heartbreaking sad), but overall, they were amazing and addictive. Jennifer not only plays an amazing role in this series, but she produced the series.

I rate this series a 9 out of 10.91c1193c0d4478eb95276a1e93ed59c1


Scream Season 1(2015)

I am such a fan of the Scream movies, so when I saw the TV series on Netflix over the weekend, I just had to watch it. It follows the original Scream movies, however with an interesting twist.

Emma and her friends are soon targeted by a serial killer when soon after a video goes viral exposing Audrey making out with a girl. The girls laugh it off, but soon afterwards Emma’s one friend gets murdered in her home.


The killer wears the same mask as a previous serial killer from 20 years ago. Emma is forced to encounter her mom’s past and how she links to the current murders. From finding evidence of her mom’s affair with the original killer and what this could mean for the current murders and Emma.

Will Emma learn the truth about “Daisy” and what happened all those years ago or will the Killer come and get her?

I love how they changed certain points in the series compared to the movie. Everyone believes it will be the cop at the end because of the movie? WRONG! It is someone you didn’t expect until the second-last episode(That was me). I love how gruesome the scenes were and how it ended (I wasn’t expecting a  certain person at the end to do something).

I can’t wait to watch season 2.



Me before you(2016)

I have been dying to watch this movie for a long time. I got told to bring my box of tissues as you will definitely cry. Well they lied – I needed a damn Toilet roll (That is how much I cried). It is one of the most beautiful love stories (Or as my friend calls it soft-cock).

It follows the story of Louisa Clark – A witty and bubbly lady who is assigned a tough task, a caregiver position. She must look after a man called Will Traynor who was injured in an accident 2 years prior. In the beginning, he is rude and quite harsh to her. She soon puts him in his place (So to speak) and they become very close. Not only did they form a close friendship, but they fell in-love.

After hearing some tragic new about Will, Louisa makes it her goal to show him how amazing the world can be and ultimately her love for him. Will she be able to change his mind or will he go ahead and do it?

One of my favourite parts of this movie is when Will gets something very special for Louisa on her birthday. It made my heart melt and then you realise how much Louisa means to Will and what he would give to make her smile.

Best get your tissues out ladies and gents.




La La Land (2017)

On Friday, I watched this film with a friend of mine. Besides the fact that I dropped my popcorn on the floor, the experience was fantastic.

It follows the story of two people who have come together through Jazz and acting. Mia (Played by Emma Stone) is a barista who wishes to become an actress and goes for many auditions, but has no luck. She meets Sebastian (Played by Ryan Gosling) in interesting circumstances and they immediately click. They both share their secrets and dreams. Sebastian wishes to own his own Jazz club and to show the world that jazz is still amazing. Mia wishes to be a famous actress and travel the world with her work. They promise each other that they will fulfill their dreams.

From going to countless auditions, to joining an upbeat Jazz band, both Mia & Seb have their own challenges. Will their love prevail or will their dreams be their ultimate love?

I am not a HUGE fan of musicals, but this one would definitely be on my top 5 musicals that I have watched. If you are into romance, comedy, some click-flick moments and musicals, then this movie is right up  your alley.



The life of a Social Media Specialist

In December, I embarked on a new journey – I became a Social Media Specialist. Although I constantly use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram – this was different. You’d be surprised how much you DON’T know about social media until you start working in the field. It is not just about posting cool things on Facebook and Twitter, it is more intense than that, more thrilling and definitely more exciting.

Social Media

You get to learn the in’s and out’s of social media on an entirely different platform in ways that you didn’t even know existed. Every day is more exciting than the next. Engagement and likes are constantly different and challenging – which makes this job amazing. Social Media never sleeps – so in a way, neither do you. It is a roller-coaster that only keeps going higher and higher.

With Social Media ever-growing, I feel like I have only just begun my amazing journey and I can’t wait to see where this roller-coaster will take me next.


The Wedding Ringer (2015)

Kevin Hart starts in this fun-filled movie. Definitely one for the books. Jimmy Callahan(Hart) owns a company that assists men who need groomsmen for their wedding. He comes across Doug Harris, a man who is socially awkward and has no friends. He agrees to assist the man with the wedding of his dreams.

From having to come up with the best stories of their childhood, to meeting the bride-to-be (Portrayed by Kayley Cuoco) and ultimately having a great time while truly getting to know each other. Along the way, Doug learns valuable lessons about life, friends and most importantly, love. Jimmy informs Callahan of certain things that can ultimately destroy his life as he knows it. The question is: will Doug be able to go through with his plan of fake groomsmen or will he finally realize the truth that has been staring him in the mirror for quite sometime?

I thought this movie was ever so funny and is something you can easily re-watch. It shows you that you don’t have to be alone in this world, that true friends do exist and they will always be there for you no matter what and that the right girl for you is out there.






Finding Dory (2016)

13 Years – That is how long the WHOLE world has been waiting for this sequel. In this installment, Dory remembers things about her past, her parents and her life. Determined to find them – Dory, Marlin and Nemo go on a adventure of a lifetime.

Unfortunately it does not turn out as planned as Dory gets lost and separated from Marlin and Nemo. She gets picked up by people who think she is an injured fish. They take her back to the aquarium where she will be treated.

There, Dory finds an Octopus who agrees to help her find her parents provided she gives him her tag on her fin. Dory lands up meeting some of her old friends from her childhood and more memories start flooding in – maybe a bit more than she herself can handle.

Will Dory find her parents after all? Or is it just too late?

This movie was wonderful. Everything a sequel could ask for.You meet some old characters from Finding Nemo (The turtles) and they take you on a ride you’ll never forget. I initially thought her parents would come looking for her instead of the other way around (Think (I watched the wrong trailer). None the less – it was amazing and I shall definitely re-watch this in the future.