Me before you(2016)

I have been dying to watch this movie for a long time. I got told to bring my box of tissues as you will definitely cry. Well they lied – I needed a damn Toilet roll (That is how much I cried). It is one of the most beautiful love stories (Or as my friend calls it soft-cock).

It follows the story of Louisa Clark – A witty and bubbly lady who is assigned a tough task, a caregiver position. She must look after a man called Will Traynor who was injured in an accident 2 years prior. In the beginning, he is rude and quite harsh to her. She soon puts him in his place (So to speak) and they become very close. Not only did they form a close friendship, but they fell in-love.

After hearing some tragic new about Will, Louisa makes it her goal to show him how amazing the world can be and ultimately her love for him. Will she be able to change his mind or will he go ahead and do it?

One of my favourite parts of this movie is when Will gets something very special for Louisa on her birthday. It made my heart melt and then you realise how much Louisa means to Will and what he would give to make her smile.

Best get your tissues out ladies and gents.





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