Scream Season 1(2015)

I am such a fan of the Scream movies, so when I saw the TV series on Netflix over the weekend, I just had to watch it. It follows the original Scream movies, however with an interesting twist.

Emma and her friends are soon targeted by a serial killer when soon after a video goes viral exposing Audrey making out with a girl. The girls laugh it off, but soon afterwards Emma’s one friend gets murdered in her home.


The killer wears the same mask as a previous serial killer from 20 years ago. Emma is forced to encounter her mom’s past and how she links to the current murders. From finding evidence of her mom’s affair with the original killer and what this could mean for the current murders and Emma.

Will Emma learn the truth about “Daisy” and what happened all those years ago or will the Killer come and get her?

I love how they changed certain points in the series compared to the movie. Everyone believes it will be the cop at the end because of the movie? WRONG! It is someone you didn’t expect until the second-last episode(That was me). I love how gruesome the scenes were and how it ended (I wasn’t expecting a ¬†certain person at the end to do something).

I can’t wait to watch season 2.




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