La La Land (2017)

On Friday, I watched this film with a friend of mine. Besides the fact that I dropped my popcorn on the floor, the experience was fantastic.

It follows the story of two people who have come together through Jazz and acting. Mia (Played by Emma Stone) is a barista who wishes to become an actress and goes for many auditions, but has no luck. She meets Sebastian (Played by Ryan Gosling) in interesting circumstances and they immediately click. They both share their secrets and dreams. Sebastian wishes to own his own Jazz club and to show the world that jazz is still amazing. Mia wishes to be a famous actress and travel the world with her work. They promise each other that they will fulfill their dreams.

From going to countless auditions, to joining an upbeat Jazz band, both Mia & Seb have their own challenges. Will their love prevail or will their dreams be their ultimate love?

I am not a HUGE fan of musicals, but this one would definitely be on my top 5 musicals that I have watched. If you are into romance, comedy, some click-flick moments and musicals, then this movie is right up  your alley.




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