Ghost Whisperer

If you are a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, then this TV series is just for you. It follows the life of Melinda Gordon,a antique owner who can see spirits ever since she was a little girl. This gift has been passed down from generation to generation and she uses her gift to help people […]

Scream Season 1(2015)

I am such a fan of the Scream movies, so when I saw the TV series on Netflix over the weekend, I just had to watch it. It follows the original Scream movies, however with an interesting twist. Emma and her friends are soon targeted by a serial killer when soon after a video goes […]

The Menalist

With time flying by, I haven’t had much time to do anything lately, let alone blog – hopefully that will change. I’m sure everyone is familiar with Patrick Jane and his CBI team. So what makes this different from CSI, Bones and Criminal Minds? Well besides constantly catching the bad guys, Jane is not part […]


As a child, I used to love charmed. I watched it ALL the time. As an adult, this hasn’t changed much, haha. It follows the story of 3 sisters-Prue, Piper & Phoebe who find out they are witches when the younger sister, Phoebe casts a spell(without realising it of course). Their lives turn around dramatically […]

Cold Case

I used to watch this series when I was quite young. It used to be on SABC 2 or 3(Depending on the day). What is SABC you ask? In South Africa we have certain TV channels that you can view if you don’t have DSTV. Cold Case follows Detective Lilly Rush and her team as […]

Criminal Minds

If you haven’t noticed, I have this obsession with Criminal type of series. So another series that I have been watching is Criminal Minds. It follows the BAU in Virginia and how they solve millions of crimes using only the best profilers in the Country. ¬†They have Gideon(First season only), Hotchner, Reid(he is a Dr. […]


This is a thriller/horror/science fiction series, that follows two Brothers (Dean & Sam-#TeamDean-Just putting it out there :P) on their Journey to find their dad who went hunting and is missing. This is not just any type of hunting- They hunt all monsters, ghosts and anything that goes bump in the night. From Vampires, to […]