Ghost Whisperer

If you are a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, then this TV series is just for you. It follows the life of Melinda Gordon,a antique owner who can see spirits ever since she was a little girl. This gift has been passed down from generation to generation and she uses her gift to help people move on and into the light.

With her husband by her side, Melinda can conquer anything, including the spirits who scare her and want to put her life in danger. She truly believes that she can change the world one ghost at a time. Will the world of the dead over power the world of the living? Or can Melinda come to terms with her life and change the world?

I absolutely love this series. It makes you realise that you are only human and that the weight of the world can’t be on your shoulders. Melinda shows us how to love, be friendly and be amazing to people no matter what.

Some episodes were a bit spooky and others were extremely sad(Like heartbreaking sad), but overall, they were amazing and addictive. Jennifer not only plays an amazing role in this series, but she produced the series.

I rate this series a 9 out of 10.91c1193c0d4478eb95276a1e93ed59c1


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