Skulduggery Pleasant-Derek Landy

Have you ever thought you were meant to do more in life? That your boring school years were fake and that you were meant to do something greater?

Well look no further than Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant series. It follows the story and adventures of  a 14 year old girl, who goes by the name of Stephanie.  After her Uncle Gordon dies in an accident, she inherits his mansion and soon learns that there is a secret world (As such) that she has been missing out on.

With the help of a detective, a skeleton detective (Totally epic), she soon learns her family history of magic and that she too has powers and can learn to use them with the right training, (From Skulduggery of course). There are however evil magical beings that wish to destroy all things good and want to harm Stephanie and skulduggery. Will they prevail, or will evil get what they want and leave the good guys down under?

I am still reading the series – but let me tell you this much, it is worth buying from a book store. Every page is so captivating that you will never know the meaning of the word done. It is set for young teens to read but as the books progress it takes a serious turn that you will not wish to miss.



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