Dream House (2011)

When Will Atenton moves into a house with his wife and two daughters, he has no idea what is in store for him. He soon learns that the house they used to live in had a family that got murdered by the husband.

Atenton makes it his mission to find out who the killer is and to  ensure that his family is safe. He finds out the killer’s name(Peter Ward) and starts hunting him down and where he worked, the hospital he was admitted to and whom he spoke with.

When he finds out the truth about who Peter Ward is and what happened, he rushes home to tell his wife and tries to figure out who truly killed the family 5 years ago. With the help of his neighbour, he learns the truth. Will it kill him or will it set him free?

I found this movie to be intriguing and ever so interesting. There are some sad moments in the movie, but nothing to truly cry over. Daniel Craig played his role extremely well and never seized to amaze me in this film.

Go grab some popcorn and give this one a go.



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