Dream House (2011)

When Will Atenton moves into a house with his wife and two daughters, he has no idea what is in store for him. He soon learns that the house they used to live in had a family that got murdered by the husband.

Atenton makes it his mission to find out who the killer is and to  ensure that his family is safe. He finds out the killer’s name(Peter Ward) and starts hunting him down and where he worked, the hospital he was admitted to and whom he spoke with.

When he finds out the truth about who Peter Ward is and what happened, he rushes home to tell his wife and tries to figure out who truly killed the family 5 years ago. With the help of his neighbour, he learns the truth. Will it kill him or will it set him free?

I found this movie to be intriguing and ever so interesting. There are some sad moments in the movie, but nothing to truly cry over. Daniel Craig played his role extremely well and never seized to amaze me in this film.

Go grab some popcorn and give this one a go.



Skulduggery Pleasant-Derek Landy

Have you ever thought you were meant to do more in life? That your boring school years were fake and that you were meant to do something greater?

Well look no further than Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant series. It follows the story and adventures of  a 14 year old girl, who goes by the name of Stephanie.  After her Uncle Gordon dies in an accident, she inherits his mansion and soon learns that there is a secret world (As such) that she has been missing out on.

With the help of a detective, a skeleton detective (Totally epic), she soon learns her family history of magic and that she too has powers and can learn to use them with the right training, (From Skulduggery of course). There are however evil magical beings that wish to destroy all things good and want to harm Stephanie and skulduggery. Will they prevail, or will evil get what they want and leave the good guys down under?

I am still reading the series – but let me tell you this much, it is worth buying from a book store. Every page is so captivating that you will never know the meaning of the word done. It is set for young teens to read but as the books progress it takes a serious turn that you will not wish to miss.


The Lovely Bones (2009)

When Susie Salmon doesn’t return home one fateful night, her parents discover the shocking truth – she has been kidnapped, or even worse; murdered. What they don’t realise is that the killer is right by their door step who preyed on Susie weeks before her death. (She tells you from the get go – so it is not a spoiler).

This movie showcases what happens after death – before someone goes into heaven. Susie lands up in the “In Between” and tries to communicate with her parents, friends and loved ones so that she can tell them somehow who murdered her. Wanting to be a photographer, Susie takes countless of photos. Will her parents find the killer through her images, or will it be too late? Will Susie find out the truth behind the other murders? Will she ever get her kiss?

I must say I enjoyed this movie. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was what happened to her body at the end. That form of closure for the parents would have been best I think – but hey, I didn’t make the film.

A few of my favourite actors were in this movie and they all played their parts extremely well and they  couldn’t have chosen anyone better for those set roles. You will find yourself laughing, crying and smiling all in one go. So do yourself a favour and go and rent it out.

“I loved the way a photo could capture a moment, before it was gone”


Harry Potter Movies

I have always been a fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, and now With the Harry Potter Pop-Up channel on DSTV; I feel like a kid again.

It follows the story of a young boy called Harry Potter, whose parents were killed by an evil and dark wizard – Lord Voldemort. He soon learns that he has magical powers and will be going to Hogwarts School to learn about magic and become a great wizard.

What he doesn’t realise is that Lord Voldemort is hunting him down and wants him dead. In each movie you see Harry and Voldemort fight it out as they both learn the truth about what truly happened that night 14 years ago.

Will Harry eventually learn the truth about how him and Voldemort are connected? Or will it be too late to save either of them from falling into something they can’t get out of.

Harry Potter has always taught us about love, friendship, family and bravery. This is why I love the movies as well as the books. You connect with each character and you absolutely hate to see them go or die(Happens WAY too much, don’t you think?)

J.K Rowling did an amazing job writing these novels and the many directors of the movies did a fantastic job as well.

HP will always get a 10/10 from me.

“But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore


The Menalist

With time flying by, I haven’t had much time to do anything lately, let alone blog – hopefully that will change.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with Patrick Jane and his CBI team. So what makes this different from CSI, Bones and Criminal Minds? Well besides constantly catching the bad guys, Jane is not part of any police force as such. He is merely an assistant that helps the CBI solve their crimes and in return, he get’s one step closer to finding out who killed his family: Red John.

Red John is a serial killer and killed Jane’s wife and only daughter. He is definitely on the revenge path and won’t stop until he sees Red John buried 6 feet under. What he doesn’t know is that Red John is bigger than he could have ever imagined. The one thing Jane will always remember is that his one and biggest weakness is finding his ultimate nemesis.

He always has a clever and humorous way of finding the killers, but Like any other series, this one gets you hooked from the start.

I would give this series a def 10/10 and I would recommend you to watch it..starting now!


Second Honeymoon – James Patterson

If there was ever a time that James Patterson won my heart over with books, it will be this past week when I read the Second Honeymoon.

It was fantastic from beginning to end and before I even knew it; 120 chapters went down the drain. It follows two separate cases that evidently  link together in more ways than one.

From a serial killer targeting newly weds to someone targeting everyone named John O’Hara. It is up to two top-notch FBI agents to solve the cases, and One of them is named John O’Hara – coincidence? Think again!

Will the FBI Agents figure out who their next victim is before it’s too late – or will they become the victims themselves?


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

In this second installment of the Hunger Games, Katniss is faced with a lot more challenges than ever before. Even though her and Peeta won the games, their journey is not over yet.

From visiting each district, to convincing President Snow of their love – it seems to be a never ending story. There are rumours of a rebellion and Katniss soon learns that she is the reason behind it, her and the Mocking-jay symbol.

Every 25 years, there is a quarter-quell (Which is supposed to been written in stone for centuries before Snow became president), and in order for President Snow to control the rebellion and ensure Katniss is no longer alive, he changes the Hunger Game Rules. All remaining and alive victors from each district will put their name forth and go into the Hunger Games. What does this mean for Katniss Everdeen? It means she is the only female Victor for district 12 – and that means she is going back into the Games.

However, what Katniss and Peeta don’t know is that Haymitch and the other districts have a plan for her and Peeta. Will she figure it out before it is too late? Or will the Capitol get to her and Peeta?

The books just keep getting better and better. Each Sentence more captivating than the rest. I truly can’t wait to get my copy of Mocking Jay.

Well done Suzanne Collins.