The Menalist

With time flying by, I haven’t had much time to do anything lately, let alone blog – hopefully that will change.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with Patrick Jane and his CBI team. So what makes this different from CSI, Bones and Criminal Minds? Well besides constantly catching the bad guys, Jane is not part of any police force as such. He is merely an assistant that helps the CBI solve their crimes and in return, he get’s one step closer to finding out who killed his family: Red John.

Red John is a serial killer and killed Jane’s wife and only daughter. He is definitely on the revenge path and won’t stop until he sees Red John buried 6 feet under. What he doesn’t know is that Red John is bigger than he could have ever imagined. The one thing Jane will always remember is that his one and biggest weakness is finding his ultimate nemesis.

He always has a clever and humorous way of finding the killers, but Like any other series, this one gets you hooked from the start.

I would give this series a def 10/10 and I would recommend you to watch it..starting now!



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