One Chance (2013)

This movie was quite the hilarious one. The tears were running down my cheek and it just got better and better.

It follows the true story of Tenor Paul Potts who has always wanted to sing and perform opera since he was a little boy. In the beginning you can see which parent supports his dreams compared to which parent thinks it is a bunch of nonsense. From starting in the boy’s choir to going to Venice to perform for Pavarotti.

No matter what he does – he seems beyond unhappy as it is not singing. He finally meets the love of his love and things start looking up for him. After a heavy blow to the heart(Pavarotti’s fault) – he decides to give up singing, until one day his wife forces him to sing for Britain’s Got Talent – and the rest they say is history.

I truly admire this man’s strength and determination to never give up on your dreams – that it is okay to be scared and not know what is going to happen, that you should take chances and make them happen for you.

He makes you laugh, he makes you cry – but he gives you the determination to make your dreams come true.




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