Don’t starve together

So the other day, my boyfriend introduced me to this cute and fun-filled game. The purpose of the game is to stay alive and not starve in the map you are in.

You can choose between a few characters, each with their own special ability and strength. You must pick grass, catch animals, build fires, sleeping bags and so forth.At night you need to make sure you are surrounded by light, else the darkness will get you and kill you.


In the beginning, it is quite interesting how you learn to make all the equipment and what you need to survive the terrors of the night. As I said earlier, depending what character you choose to play determines the special skills you have.

For example- the spider(Above) is friends with all the other wild spiders that want to eat you. If you have him, you will be protected at least from those nasty little buggers.

Should you die, you become a ghost and have to re-spawn at the starting point. You also drop all your items and need to pick them up quickly before the darkness takes it.  However, after a while, you do get board as it is the same thing over and over and over again.

I would rate this game a 6/10 – purely because of the different characters, skills and a bit of game-play.



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