As a child, I used to love charmed. I watched it ALL the time. As an adult, this hasn’t changed much, haha.

It follows the story of 3 sisters-Prue, Piper & Phoebe who find out they are witches when the younger sister, Phoebe casts a spell(without realising it of course). Their lives turn around dramatically as they learn to accept the powers they were given and use them to save the innocent.

Sounds easy right? Wrong! Trying to juggle their personal lives as well as keeping their secret is tougher than it seems and the sisters soon realise that they can only trust themselves, and their whitelighter,Leo.

However, at the end of season 3-the charmed ones loses their older sister Prue, Piper must now become the leader of the pack(so to speak), The sisters soon realise they have another sister(Paige)that they didn’t know about and they are soon the charmed ones again.

From falling in love, to fighting evil, to people coming from the future-Charmed has it all. You can tell it is an old series by the clothes and the graphics, etc. I must say the ending was perfect. It had everything you were looking for and more. It gave you closure and happiness all in one, and that’s what it is all about right?

I believe we all have our favourite characters in series, but with charmed it was tough. They all had something you liked and enjoyed-even Cole(The evil demon Phoebe fell for). If I had to honestly choose, It was Prue, and then Piper.

What are your thoughts on the this classic series?

The Power of three will set you free




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