The Accidental Husband(2008)

If Jeffrey Dean Morgan doesn’t get your blood boiling ladies, then I have no idea what will. In this classic Romantic Comedy, Patrick Sullivan(Morgan) decides to get his Revenge on a radio host Emma(Played by Uma Thurman), when she Convinces his Ex-Fiancee to break things off with him just days before their wedding.

What is his revenge you ask? Well with the help of his friendly teenage neighbour, he fakes their marriage in order to make her life a difficult one. In order to Marry her Fiance’ Richard(Colin Firth), she needs to find Patrick and get him to sign the annulment papers.

What turns out to be a “Simple Misunderstanding” becomes more complicated than ever when Patrick & Emma fall in-love. When she finds out what Patrick did(After one steamy night), she storms out and never wants to hear from him or speak to him ever again.

The question is, will she stay and marry Richard or will her love for Patrick Conquer all? Best watch to find out 🙂

I personally loved this movie. It made you laugh and cry and just purely smile. There were quite a few embaressing moments that I just covered by eyes and was like “No man, please tell me you did not just do that”.

I think the actors that they chose for the movie were the perfect match. They just clicked you know?

This is the kind of movie that makes you believe in true love and that “The one” is out there for you, simply waiting in the wind.



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