Inside Out (2015)

In this fun-filled movie, it is our emotions (As in like characters), who control how we are feeling and our reactions to our life events. Each Person has 5 “people” (as such) and they are as follows: Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness & Disgust. Each has a job, to look after their human (Riley) and ensure that her memories are stored correctly and to keep her safe and teach her about life through them.

However, due to the stress of their favourite human having to move, sadness changes the course of events by making happy memories sad and so forth. After a heavy debate between Sadness & Joy they get sucked  into Riley’s mind, where all her long-term memories are stored. It is up to Joy & Sadness to return to headquarters before Riley’s emotions come crashing down.

Will They make it time; or will the rest of the emotions(Anger, fear & disgust) change Riley’s life for good?

I must say, It was such a creative way to think about how the human brain works. Maybe we have these little people inside our brains telling us what to do, haha. My favourite emotional character is anger. He is so adorable with the way he get’s all worked up over nothing. With his little trot and his updated “Riley Newspaper” it can make anyone laugh.

Pixar & Walt Disney Pictures have really outdone themselves, so I will gladly do a rewatch on this.  They have made an amazing movie that will make any adult cry.



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