Me and Earl and the Dying girl (2015)

A funny and witty movie. (A little sad too)

It follows the story of senior student Greg and how he learns that his former childhood friend, Rachel has been diagnosed with Leukemia and has been forced by his mom to go and befriend her in this tough time.

After quite a bit of debating with his parents, he goes and visits Rachel. The first thing that Greg Notices about Rachel’s room is her pillow collection. They make quite a funny and naughty joke behind why he doesn’t have any pillows. They laugh it off and kinda sit there in awkward silence. The two soon form quite a strong friendship after that day.(I think they fall for each other, but that’s just me saying)

Greg & Earl(His childhood best friend) make short films. They have been doing it for as long as they remember. They do Mock ups of original films-and quite a few original ones themselves. They even sit in their history teachers room and watch documentaries and movies during lunch (the teacher cool like that-#Respecttheresearch).

They decide to let Rachel watch all 42 movies they have made, and she compliments how good and creative they are.

One of Greg’s “Friends”(his high-school crush) comes up with a brilliant idea, to make Rachel her own movie. Greg agrees to do this, Earl however isn’t all that keen, but participates in the end. Rachel convinces Greg to apply for university before it is too late. She helps him write his letter , and gets accepted.

Whilst spending time with Rachel and making her movie; Greg lands up missing school completely and because of this, the university has rejected his application due to low marks, etc.

Greg & Rachel have a massive fight when he hears that she is stopping her treatment as it is not working. He also finds out the Earl spilled the beans about the movie and that doesn’t end well. Greg storms off and refuses to speak to Earl & Rachel.

Greg decides to finish the movie, and on the night of Prom, he visits Rachel and plays her the movie that him & Earl created. A few minutes later, she is in a coma and in a few hours, passes away.

The part where I shed my tears was when he played the movie for her. It was so heartwarming and it just made you realise how precious life is and what this movie means to her, but also what Greg means to her.




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