Interstellar (2014)

This is by far the longest review I have ever done.(Go me?)

This movie definitely has that “Oh My God” moment at the end. It was one of the best science fiction,  space movies…Like EVER and I would totally watch it again.

It follows a man by the name of Cooper- widowed former NASA pilot, runs a farm with his father-in-law and two children(Murphy & Tom). Earth has slowly but surely become uninhabitable and sooner or later, Earth will cease to exist.

After Murph claims that there is a “Ghost” in her room, Coop decides to investigate the mysterious signals and find out that it is actually a gravitational force, which leads Coop and Murph to a secret holding cell for NASA.

There, Coop finds his old Professor(Dr.Brand) leading the mission to save the planet. He informs Coop that there are 2 plans for this mission. Should Plan “A” fail(Saving people from Earth), Plan “B” will take its place(They have 5 000 frozen embryos on the ship so that the human race can survive). Coop agrees to take the lead on this mission, leaving his family behind.

Coop also learns that their mission is a continuation from the previous Lazarus mission, where 12 volunteers went into the same galaxy-never to return). Coop and his team need to find the planets that the pilots had found, and re-investigate it as such. Dr.Brand’s daughter(Just Brand) has informed Coop that there is another force/being out there, helping them-sending them signals, black holes, wormholes, etc. NASA believes that “they” will save us.

When they start their mission, they believe in a few years that they will be done and can return home safely. This isn’t the case. When they reach the first promising planet(founded by Miller),they find out that because of the extreme proximity to Gargantua, every hour spent on their first planet, is 7 years on Earth. Coop, Brand & Doyle decide to go down and investigate the planet, whilst  Romilly will stay on Endurance and research all he can about the Black Hole.

When they reach the planet’s surface, they discover that is it only water and Brand saves Miller’s data just in time before a tidal wave kills her. Unfortunately, Doyle got taught in the tidal wave and is killed. When they reach Endurance, they find out that 23 years have gone by on Earth.

Coop and his team make a decision on which planet to visit next as they don’t have enough fuel to go to both and return home. Coop makes the decision to go to Mann’s planet as it has potential for life and because his planet is still transmitting. Brand isn’t happy about this decision, but agrees.

When they get to Mann’s planet, they find his ship and find him alive(In that sleeping container) and he agrees to show Coop where humans will be able to live and breath without the ammonia affecting them. Coop & Brand find out that Dr. Brand has passed away. Not only that, they find out he lied about helping mankind, that  there is no way Plan “A” will work.  Mann tries to kill Coop and leave him there in order to Steal Endurance and go home. He unfortunately becomes unsuccessful and dies in the process.

Coop later apologies to Brand, stating that she was right from the start. He comes up with a new plan to save Endurance as it was damaged in the accident caused by Mann. He believes that if they can get close enough to Gargantua, they can use the pull as a sling shot to get to the other planet and try to get home. Time, however won’t be on their side(51 years to be exact)-so Coop decides to split the weight(as such) and let C.A.S.E(the robot) and Brand to continue the mission and he will go with T.A.R.S into the black hole.

Coop and T.A.R.S however slip past the horizon and find themselves in a tesseract, which Coop learns that he was Murph’s “Ghost” all along, trying to stop himself from repeating the same mistake he just did(He even sends her an encrypted message so she can save Earth).  Sometime later, he wakes up in a hospital that is situated near Saturn. He finds out he was in space for approximately 120 years. He finally sees his daughter(On her deathbed) and she tells him that Brand is still out there and he must go find her.

It was quite a confusing ending, but if you’ve ever watched HP and the prisoner of Azkaban, you’ll realise the “Person giving them signals” is themselves, just like in Interstellar(a tad different, but same concept). I wish it had a different ending as he doesn’t see his son ever again, and he has missed 120 years with his daughter.

I truly hope they make a sequel, as I’d like to see what happens with Brand & Coop, etc. Does he find her? Could they maybe go back in time due to the “Higher Beings” ?Does she think he is dead? So many unanswered questions that the sequel would need to answer. It is quite a long movie, so when you have 3 hours to spare, go and watch it. You won’t be disappointed.



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