Big Hero 6(2014)

Heartwarming; funny; intriguing-that is what you’ll find in this Disney movie. It follows the story of Hiro(A robot prodigy) and how he absolutely idolises his brother and wants to be like him when he grows up. Tadashi (Hiro’s brother), decides to show him what he has been working on at college. Tadashi has created a robot called Baymax, who tends to people and care for them when they are in need. Hiro wishes to be enrolled in the universities robotics department, but to do so he needs to show the head of the department; Callaghan what he is made of.

The presentation goes well and Hiro is accepted into the robotics department at the university. Before he can even celebrate, a fire breaks out at the university and Tadashi runs in there to try and save Callaghan, but unfortunately dies in the process.

Hiro sits in his room for days, maybe even weeks before he realises that Baymax has been in his brothers room the whole time. Before you know it, Baymax and Hiro become the greatest of friends.

One night while Hiro is looking at his Microbot (His presentation to Callaghan), he notices that it is still active and moving around. Hiro and Baymax decide to investigate the reasons behind it. They find an abandoned building, where Hiro learns that his Microbots did not perish in the fire and that some masked figure is using them for some kind of revenge. It seems that Hiro gets in his way and the Masked Man tries to stop him for good.

It is up to Hiro and his Friends(GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred) to find out what the masked man wants and how to stop him. Will Hiro and his friends be the Heroes they need to be, or will something stand in their way?

This movie had me laughing so hard, that tears came out my eyes. I enjoyed every minute of it and I would totally watch it again. I enjoyed it because everyone has a Baymax and Hiro inside of them, all we need to do is activate it.



4 thoughts on “Big Hero 6(2014)

  1. Baymax maybe the best robot in history of mankind! I simply love this movie!
    And you did justice to the movie when you wrote about it!


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