Cold Case

I used to watch this series when I was quite young. It used to be on SABC 2 or 3(Depending on the day). What is SABC you ask? In South Africa we have certain TV channels that you can view if you don’t have DSTV.

Cold Case follows Detective Lilly Rush and her team as they solve murders/homicides that have never been solved. I enjoy how they always show the past, who was who when they investigate the homicides(they do this kind of flash back kind of deal. You will see the person in their present form, then they do a flash of what they looked like when the incident happened-quite cool if you ask me).

The series first started out in 2003(So don’t expect top of the range quality, etc should you decide to watch it). If you enjoy CSI; Criminal Minds; Bones; NCIS, then look no further because Cold Case is just the series to start watching.

There are 7 seasons to this brilliant series as it ended in 2010. You will also see some familiar faces when watching some of the episodes. For example: Dr. Karev from Grey’s Anatomy is in the first 2-3 episodes in season 1(He is Detective Rush’s partner in homicide). You will see Jo Harvelle from Supernatural(Ellen’s daughter), and last but not least you see Dr. Hodgins from Bones(the bug guy with the super curly hair).

It took me a while to get into it(say about 3 episodes), but after that I was hooked like you can’t believe.

Have you watched Cold Case? Did you enjoy it? Post your thoughts below 🙂




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