Shutter Island

I absolutely LOVE Leonardo DiCaprio in this movie. It follows the Story of a U.S Marshall(Teddy Daniels & Partner Chuck), who have been “called in” to investigate a missing person’s case on an island. This remote island is home to Ashecliffe Hospital, for the criminally insane.

The Missing person (Rachel Solando) , has escaped from her locked room. It is up to Teddy and Chuck to find out what happened to her and who could of helped her escape. What Teddy and Chuck don’t realise is that nothing is as it seems here at Ashecliffe and that there is something that no one is telling them. Why are the patients so odd towards him and his partner?Why won’t they let them leave the island?

Is Rachel really missing? or is there a bigger picture here?

Teddy must not only search for Rachel, but to search for the truth within himself. Will his nightmares get the better of him? Will he ever uncover the truth, and if he does-Will he be able to come to terms with it?

In order to understand the movie to its full potential, you need to watch it twice. The reason I say this?Because once you’ve watched it and you fully understand what is going on, only then will you understand the rest of the movie.

That being said-I think I’m off to read 🙂



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