It has been a while since I last blogged. I do apologise(A bit of Writers Block, haha)

So last night, on DSTV this all time classic movie showed and I literally dropped everything and watched it. First and foremost, Grease is one of the best movies out there! Olivia Newton John & John Travolta all in one go?Yes Please, haha.

It follows the story of Sandy & Danny who had a summer fling before school begun. It turns out that Sandy has transferred schools and she has no idea her Danny goes to the same school. Her new Friends the “Pink Ladies”(who are absolutely brilliant) Decide that it’s time that Danny sees that Sandy goes there. Sadly to say, that didn’t go well, haha.

In the end, Sandy does something so out of her comfort Zone for Danny and its so mesmerized by what he sees. (Sorry Flks, Can’t spoil anything, haha)

Nothing beats the clothing, the pink hair, nor the insulting Guardian Angel. It is definitely one for the books, and if you don’t sing/hum along..then its time to shape up 😉




2 thoughts on “Grease

  1. Did you know that the original stage production of Grease, from which came the Broadway stage production and the movie, was performed in a dive bar in Chicago? Here’s a link to a little history. Hope you don’t mind.


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