Getting to know the lady behind the Butterfly Effect

Okay so after my first Q&A a few weeks ago,I realised how popular it became with everyone liking and commenting. So I have decided to do share some more interesting facts about myself(Apologies if anything is repeated)

  1. I have petite feet(I am a size 4-not sure how other countries work on their sizes)
  2. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. One of my closest friends and I had a book with pages and pages of printed photo’s from the movies. At this moment I am wearing my Gryffindor Shirt that she got me from London.
  3. I adore fruit/herbal teas(Peach Rooibos, Apple Vanilla, etc.)
  4. My favourite game to play at the moment is Fallout 4.
  5. I have an obsession with my name on items(Mugs, Towels, Gowns, etc)
  6. I have never been overseas.
  7. My favourite bird is an African Grey
  8. I have at least 30 books at home they I have bought but haven’t read as of yet.
  9. I love swimming and being in water(Call me a water baby, I suppose)
  10. I am left-handed and super proud of it
  11. I have utter love for 2 beautiful Dogs(unfortunately they aren’t mine). One is a red-nose Pitbull named Boyka and the other is a Welsh Corgi named Frodo. See photo’s below.
  12. I absolutely LOVE sushi. I could eat it all day everyday.
  13. I donate blood as much as I possibly can. I have also signed up to be a stem-cell donor.
  14. I am an Organ Donor.
  15. I have a weakness for mascarpone cheese and salty cracks.
  16. I am currently watching Cold Case(When I get home)
  17. I own the most beautiful necklace like ever. It is a preserved butterfly wing(From my boyfriend for my birthday in 2014).
  18. I am a Scorpio
  19. I love cheese sauce. On like everything, haha.
  20. I still need to watch the New Star wars Movie(Depressing, I know)
  21. I love seafood pasta in a cream sauce
  22. I enjoy Cardio more than weights at gym, haha.
  23. I don’t eat Gherkins, spicy food, Blue cheese, Boerewors
  24. I have Italian, Scottish and Dutch blood running through my veins
  25. My favourite pizza is bacon, avo & Feta
  26. My favourite movie is Titanic
  27. Favourite Musical Movie is Rocky Horror Picture Show
  28. Favourite Director is Tim Burton
  29. My favourite Seafood is prawns. I could eat them until I am blue in the face, haha.
  30. I have two dream cars. One is a BMW Z4 sport and the other is Ford Mustang.
  31. I have completed a Diploma in Public Relations.
  32. I am the only child
  33. I have always wanted to sky dive, bungee jump, shark cage dive and do dinner in the sky.
  34. I’m a sweet tooth. I love chocolate, sweets, cakes, milkshakes, etc.

Well that’s me, haha.

Should you want to ask me anything, please feel free to leave me a question in the comment section.



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