The Rocky Horror Picture Show

There are only a few musical movies I can handle and this one is at #no.1, Every chance I get to watch this movie, I am there!!!

It follows the story of Brad & Janet(Newly engaged couple) who stumble upon a house after their Tyre gets flat. Little do they know that they have come across a very interesting occasion, as well as a house. It belongs to a certain Dr. Frank-N-Furter; a transvestite  scientist who is going to make the perfect man for himself. However, not all goes to plan as Rocky does not do what Frank-N-Furter wants and this makes him go a little crazier than usual. (Kills people, Turns them into Stone, etc).

The ending was quite interesting/tad confusing, but once you watch it again, it starts making sense(Well that’s how it worked out for me)

One of my best friend’s & I love watching this show together. We sing along to every song and do the Time Warp with Pride(Yes, even in public). I have gone to see the live production at Monte Casino and it was absolutely phenomenal! It was better than the movie(In my opinion). They made you interact with the cast and throw confetti and have glow sticks for the “Light” etc.

It is definitely one  for the books and always will be.

“Oh-oh at the late night, double feature, picture show”

rocky horror


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