Corpse Bride

As stated in my “About Me” page, Tim Burton has my movie soul. I absolutely love all the movies he has made thus far.  Corpse Bride follows the story of Victor and Victoria-A couple who are forced to marry each other. Victor, being a nervous and clumsy man, keeps messing up his vows and runs off into the woods to calm down and to practice. Little did he know that when he put the ring on a “stick”, he would be married to a corpse.

Terrified at what has happened, he tries to run away back to Victoria and Emily(The corpse bride) takes him “Downstairs”-pretty much 6 feet under, where he learns about what happened to her in the woods and what this marriage means to her.

Victor and Emily soon form a bond and he realises that she isn’t all that bad. Meanwhile; back in the land of the living, Victoria is determined to save Victor from the Corpse at any cost. This unfortunately does not plan out because she is forced to marry a very mysterious man.

You soon learn that this mysterious man knows much more than he cares to share, and that his intentions are far from good.

By the end, it all comes together and how everyone is linked. I thought it had a wonderful ending. The music and the theme of the movie was brilliant and I felt like I could sing along and truly enjoy the movie.

Tim Burton truly has a way of making movies that capture the soul, and my oh my he has certainly captured mine.



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