13 Ghosts(2001)

I am one of those people who absolutely LOVES horror movies. I think I have watched this movie at least 3 or 4 times and it still scares me as if I’m watching it for the first time. It follows the Story of Arthur and his family, who move into his Uncle’s Mansion after he Mysteriously dies. What they don’t know about this house, is that there are Ghosts trapped in the basement that Arthur’s uncle had caught during his life. (They eventually find out from the Uncle’s psychic)

When the children go and explore the house, Arthur’s youngest; Bobby goes missing in the house, and everyone tries to find him before it’s too late. What the family does not realise is that the ghosts have been released and that the house’s walls move and shift until they become completely trapped. What they don’t realise is that some dear to their hearts is in that house. Can Arthur save his family, or will this Mysterious person change things?

If you truly want to be on the edge of your seat, I suggest you watch this. Not only is it extremely scary, but the ghosts in the house are based on actual people(Now that is scary). No jokes though, if you type in “the ghosts of 13 ghosts movie” into Google, it will come up.

The graphics aren’t the best(it is over 10 years old, haha), but those ghosts are truly horrific and quite scary for a 2001 Film. The one ghost that truly scared me the most was the Jackal(Dude with a cage on his head)-I would not want to be anywhere near that ghost-thanks, but no thanks, haha.





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