The Imitation Game

Ever since I saw this trailer a few months ago, I just had to watch it. It is based on a true story, which makes the movie so much more intense and interesting(Don’t you think?)

It follows the story of Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician who gets hired(Secretly) to create a machine that can crack the Enigma code and other Nazi Codes. At first he truly struggles to find a way to crack the code, but it soon comes to him and this is when he creates the machine. With the help of his team/”Friends”, they help crack the code on a daily basis so that the war can slowly but surely come to an end.

I love how at the end, they tell you a few facts about Alan Turing and how without him, Computers wouldn’t have been thought of or maybe even existed(Which I think is pretty awesome). However, you get some truly sad facts, like how he committed suicide due to being Gay(It was totally forbidden in that era). They even made him take hormonal tablets to make him “more manly” and “Straight” and this is what caused him to kill himself. I did shed a tear or two.

This movie is absolutely brilliant, and I would happily watch it again if I ever have the chance.





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