So I decided to give this movie a go. As a child, I loved Cinderella and all those kinds of Disney princess movies 🙂

I’m sure EVERYONE knows the story of Cinderella, so I shall just post my thoughts on the movie instead of what it is about.

I truly enjoyed this movie. It brought you back to when you were a little girl/boy watching a version of this movie on VHS with dinner on your lap and your eyes glued to the TV. I recognised many actors/actresses and I couldn’t stop laughing at certain points in the movie.  I was so surprised to see the host of “Would I lie to you?” be in the movie as the painter, but he just made all the moments a little funnier.

When I saw her butterfly glass slippers and her butterfly dress, I nearly lost my mind(being obsessed with butterflies). It was beyond amazing 🙂

I enjoyed he fact that they stuck to the story and didn’t try to change anything about it(I don’t enjoy it when they change the story). The Step-mother and sisters were absolutely brilliant-they played their part very well. I did cry when the mother and the father died, so do have tissues in hand 😛

I absolutely love who they chose for Cinderella and Prince Charming. They just clicked and suited each other. It was so lovely to watch them.

This movie is just what you need for any day of the week. I recommend it to everyone, young and old to watch this beautiful version of Cinderella.

“Have Courage and be Kind”





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