Gone-Michael Grant

This is the first book in a 6 part series. I have only had the pleasure of reading the first one, and here is what I thought of it.

I thought it was truly amazing. It follows the story of  people who live in and around Perdido Beach. One day, everyone over the age of 15 vanishes without a trace. Children are now left to defend for themselves and protect the young ones, with no knowledge how to.  The town is then surrounded by an energy barrier than prevents them from leaving Perdido Beach(it reminds me of the series Under the Dome). However; some children get supernatural powers, which are rated from a level 1 – 5(5 being the most powerful).

It is ones of those books that you just can’t put down, and before you even realise it, the book is finished and you’re sitting there with thoughts of what could happen next.

I am definitely going to do my best to get the other books in the series and blog about them too.




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