#Wordbrain Moments

I recently downloaded this game on the Google Play store called Wordbrain(yes, one word). The objective of the game is simple; find the hidden word/words in the puzzle in front of you. I thought this would be quite easy and decided to give it a go, but by the time I got to the Crab Level my brain was like “no”.

At some levels, the words are ever so simple and others you sit there for a decent 5 minutes trying every word you can possibly find. The higher your level, the more words you’ll need to find. The only downfall with this game is that the words you are trying to find don’t link. For example  you can get something like Dog & Custard, so just be on the lookout.

Overall, the game is a great challenge and certainly gets you thinking. I would rate this game an 7/10 🙂



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