The Notebook

The Notebook follows the story of an old man named Noah, who has loved his wife Allie since they were 17. The movie starts with them In the “present” as they are in an old age hospital for the ill. Ally unfortunately has dementia and Noah reads them their love story everyday in order for her to remember him and their love for one another.

The Story starts where Noah first notices Allie at a carnival in town where Noah asks her out. Before you can even blink, Noah and Ally fall in love and spend every waking moment together for that summer. However, her parents want her to marry into money and force her to leave earlier than expected. Noah writes to her everyday for a year, but he gets no response because Allie’s mother hid the letters away from her.

Noah decides to leave for the army and when he comes back, he decides to build Allie’s dream house(Hoping she will come back to him). Ally however meets another man(Named Lon) during her working and studying and they get engaged. (I never liked this guy-he was just too much for me).

Ally eventually sees the house advertised in the paper and decides she needs to go and see the house as well as see Noah. They instantly have a connection again and they have an affair. At the end, Ally must decide who she wants to be with for the rest of her life. (The house lands up being the hospital, how sweet?!)

It is quite a sad movie as Allie finally remembers her and Noah and their children etc, only to forget in 5 minutes and you see Noah heartbroken and in tears. This movie truly makes you appreciate all the little things in life and is proof that love conquers all.



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