This is a thriller/horror/science fiction series, that follows two Brothers (Dean & Sam-#TeamDean-Just putting it out there :P) on their Journey to find their dad who went hunting and is missing. This is not just any type of hunting- They hunt all monsters, ghosts and anything that goes bump in the night.

From Vampires, to Ghosts, to Demons and Angels.  Although they find their dad quite early in the series(end of season one), they still hunt. Each season ends on an extreme cliff hanger. It starts when Sam gets killed and Dean sells his soul in season 2 to bring him back. The Dean goes to hell, only to have an angel by the name of Castiel pull him out of the pits.

In season 5, Sam and Dean find out that they are Vessels for Micheal and Lucifer. Its quite complicated if you ask me, but each episode keeps getting  better. If you want to see what happens next,do watch(I don’t want to ruin the WHOLE thing for you, haha)

I’m only on season 10 out of the 11 so far, and I must say I’m enjoying it to the full and It definitely get’s better. They focus more on Dean & Sam’s relationship more than their hunting and also how to stop evil for good.

Need I say more? Go ahead,watch and see for yourself 🙂



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