This series is based on the books by Kathy Reichs, which follows the story of Dr. Temperance Brennan; a forensic anthropologist who works with her team at the Jeffersonian to solve some of the most gruesome murders. She also has a FBI Partner who helps her with the “law” side of the cases. Temperance and Seeley Booth form a very strong bond, and you can clearly see that they are in love with each other.

I absolutely love Bones. It has action, comedy, drama and love. Each Case is  different and unique in its own way. You land up forming a bond with each character, loving each one for all their talents. We have Angela, who does facial reconstruction using a computer program that she created. She lands up being Brennan’s best friend(a beautiful and unbreakable bond). We then Have Dr. Hodgins(Married to Angela), Dr. Saroyan,Lance Sweets, Daisy Wick(Lance’s love) and quite a few interns who all wish to work at the Jeffersonian some day.

There are some extremely sad moments throughout all the seasons, so do keep a few tissues in hand. One of my Favourite episodes is when Bones & Booth tie the knot. It has been a long time coming and in season 9, it FINALLY happened(definitely one of the tissue moments).

Have you watched Bones? If so, what are some of your most favourite moments or episode?



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