My love for Gourmet Drinks

That moment when you look at a menu and your eyes come across a Gourmet coffee or a flavoured tea, and you are just dying to try it.

I am a huge fan of all things flavoured. From peppermint tea, to Crème brûlée Milkshakes.

Speaking of Crème brûlée Milkshakes, I had the most amazing one quite a few months back at this beautiful little cafe in Randburg(Opposite Cresta) called Petits Fours Verdi. They make the most amazing flavoured drinks(Hot & cold). Each sip was better than the previous one. 

Another favourite(which is easy to get) is the Vanilla & Cinnamon Cappuccino from Woolworths. I adore Vanilla flavoured drinks. They have such rich aroma and it just makes the coffee taste so much better.

But my ultimate favourite(When I can get to the place) is the flavoured Steamer from Seattle Coffee. It’s pretty much hot milk with flavoured Syrup. I do an overkill on mine and Always ask for extra peppermint until the milk is dark green. It makes the whole experience ever so much better. All you need now is a good book from Exclusive Books and you are ready to go!

Flavoured Tea’s have always been a favourite of mine. I am currently trying the Vanilla-Chai tea from Woolworths. It tastes the way it smells, which is amazing(Like you can’t believe). Another personal favourite is  their peach rooibos. I love how they have infused it. It tastes to die for. There is definitely one tea I want to try. It is from the tea Merchant and it is called Rooibos Vanilla. Doesn’t that just sound amazing?

What is your favourite flavoured coffee or tea? Have your say in the comment section below.




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